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images/stories/05-24-20-04-32-26-kru7466c8_150229_3637077jpg.jpgDavid Modrý is professor of parasitology and infectious diseases at University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno, Vzech Republic and senior researcher at Institute of Parasitology, Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences. He devoted most of his professional career to studies on various aspects of wildlife parasitology and conservation medicine. He is a passionate parasite photographer. Since 2012, he is a leader of Laboratory for Infectious Diseases Common to Humans and Primates, established across several research institutionsin the Czech republic.


images/stories/05-24-20-05-15-32-92871941_722537291616955_174090069777317888_njpg.jpgKlára J. Petrželková is senior researcher at the Institute of Vertebrate Biology Czech Academy of Sciences and research zoologist at Liberec Zoo. After PhD studies, her passon for African great apes led her to a neglected field of primate parasite ecology. She is also interested in primate nutrition, microbiomie and conservation implications of research on primate pathogens. She is a co-founder of the Laboratory for Infectious Diseases Common to Humans and Primates.





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