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images/stories/05-24-20-04-44-55-anyconvcom__img_2145jpg.jpgBethan Mason is a PhD student the Department of Botany and Zoology at Masaryk University. Currently focused on genetic diversity of strongylid nematodes within gorillas, her interests lie in parasitology, primatology and conservation. Bethan’s Master’s thesis, researching the influence of human disturbance on baboon parasites, involved conducting field work in Western Tanzania, where she then went on to project manage a chimpanzee research site. Her PhD research compares strongylids communities between species as well as over time, utilising historical samples.



images/stories/05-24-20-04-46-35-92078772_213361753252385_7403381410406334464_njpg.jpgTereza Prokopová. What are the differences between parasites of different gorilla groups? How a distribution of gorilla Entamoebas looks in Virunga NP? These questions fulfil my current PhD studies. Specifically I study communitites of gastrointestinal Entamoebas of mountain gorillas  –  their presence and monitorng the whole communities.


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