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images/stories/05-24-20-04-52-43-img_0526jpeg.jpegAnna Stryková. I am  a student of Veterinary Medicine at VFU Brno. I participated in fieldwork in Rwanda, focused on gastrointestinal helminths of mountain gorillas (strongylid nematodes, tapeworms of the genus Anoplocephala) and in Central African Republic of parasites of western lowland gorillas. In my Master thesis I focus on neglected nematode Probstmayria in mountain gorillas, western lowland gorillas and chimpanees, its morphological and molecular identification.


images/stories/05-24-20-04-56-45-p1013877jfifjfifEva Jiroušová. I am a student of Conservation and Animal Welfare at VFU Brno. My aims are: presence of gastrointestinal parasites of orangutans with focus on phylogenetical analysis of cilliates of the genus Balantioides coli and nematodes of the genus Strongyloides. I also work on identification of cilliates from mandrills. In the future, I will focus on the diversification of Strongyloides and its ecology.


images/stories/05-24-20-05-03-50-2c6519f8693949eeafe57f30eaf138d1jpeg.jpegVladislav Ilík. I am a student of Parasitology at Masaryk University. I focus on identification and transmission of strongylid nematodes using molecular approaches (NGS). I participated in fieldwork in Rwanda, focused on gastrointestinal helminths in mountain gorillas. In my future studies, I would like to focus on whole genome sequencing of worldwide widespread hookworms, theit ecology, epidemiology and medically important traits.

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