Fieldwork in Rwanda

In August, dr. Barbora Cervena and Mgr. Eva Jirousova spent three weeks in Rwanda. Our team in partnership with Gorilla Doctors, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and Rwanda Development Board is currently having a project focused on the epidemiology of gastrointestinal strongylid infections in endangered mountain gorillas. In the previous years, numbers of deceased gorillas were rising and high numbers of helminths were observed in GIT during necropsies. Thus, experts from IVB and UVPS were invited to help with clarification of the role of strongylid nematodes and tapeworms in the increased gorilla mortality. The project is now in its final year and because the coronavirus pandemic situation stabilized in both Czech Republic and Rwanda, this window of opportunity was used to make most probably the last field trip to Rwanda within the project happen. The main goal was to process mountain gorilla GIT tissues in the laboratories of the Rwanda Agriculture Board for the subsequent analyses in Czech Republic, which was successfully accomplished. Both scientists returned home in full health and are fully back at working on their research.


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qPCR Workshop for Rwanda scientists

Between 2. 3.– 5. 3. 2020, we organized a workshop in Kigali, focused on real-time PCR (qPCR). Local scientists could use this moder molecular approach commonly used in parasitediagnostics. Participants were familiarized with libraries preparation, adjustment adn running of cycler and complex analysis of the generated data.


We have a book!

We celebrate publishing of a new book: Parasites of Apes: An Atlas of Coproscopic Diagnostics (2018), where some members of our team were the main authors. Specifically, David Modrý, Klára J. Petrželková, Barbora Pafčo, including other members of the team. Congratulations!



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