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Sympatric western lowland gorillas, central chimpanzees and humans are infected with different trichomonads
Petrzelkova, K. J.; Smejkalova, P.; Ceza, V; Pafco, B.; Shutt-Phillips, K. A.; Todd, A.; Jirku-Pomajbikova, K.; Benavides, J.; Modry, D.; Cepicka, I. Parasitology, vol. 147(2), 225-230.


The gut icrobiome of human and western lowland gorilla (g.g. gorilla) populations in the dzanga sangha protected areas, central african republic, reflects parallel functional changes in response to analogous dietary stimuli
Sharma, A. K.; Petrzelkova, K.; Wilson, B.; Stumpf, R.; Torralba, M.; Nelson, K.; White, B.; Leigh, S.; Gomez, A. American Journal of Primatology, vol. 82.



Genetic diversity of primate strongylid nematodes: Do sympatric nonhuman primates and humans share their strongylid worms?
Pafco, B.; Kreisinger, J.; Cizkova, D.; Psenkova-Profousova, I.; Shutt-Phillips, K.; Todd, A.; Fuh, T.; Petrzelkova, K. J.; Modry, . D. Molecular Ecology, vol. 28(21), 4786-4797

Gut microbiome composition of wild western lowland gorillas is associated with individual age and sex factors
Pafco, B.; Sharma, A. K.; Petrzelkova, K. J.; Vlckova, K.; Todd, A.; Yeoman, C. J.; Wilson, B. A.; Stumpf, R.; White, B. A.; Nelson, K. E.; Leigh, S.; Gomez, A. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, vol. 169(3), 575-585


Mapping gastrointestinal gene expression patterns in wild primates and humans via fecal RNA-seq
Sharma, A. K.; Pafco, B.; Vlckova, K.; Cervena, B.; Kreisinger, J.; Davison, S.; Beeri, K.; Fuh, T.; Leigh, S. R.; Burns, M. B.; Blekhman, R.; Petrzelkova, K. J.; Gomez, A. BMC Genomics, vol. 20

Bacterial community of the digestive tract of the european medicinal leech (Hirudo verbana) from the Danube river
Neupane, S.; Modry, D.; Pafco, B.; Zurek, L. Microbial Ecology, vol. 77(4), 1082-1090


The molecular and morphometric identification of Dictyocaulus capreolus in clinically affected roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.)
Jurankova, J.; Jirsova, D.; Pafco, B.; Forejtek, P.; Veterinary Medecine, vol. 64(9), 386-391



Low diversity of Angiostrongylus cantonensis complete mitochondrial DNA sequences from Australia, Hawaii, French Polynesia and the Canary Islands revealed using whole genome next-generation sequencing
Cervena, B.; Modry, D.; Feckova, B.; Hrazdilova, K.; Foronda, P.; Martin, A.; Lee, R.; Walker, J.; Niebuhr, Ch. N.; Malik, R.; Slapeta, J. Parasites & Vectors, vol. 12.



PARV4 found in wild chimpanzee faeces: an alternate route of transmission?
Brozova, K; Modry, D.; Dadakova, E.; Mapua, M.; Piel, A. K.; Stewart, F. A.; Celer, V.; Hrazdilova, K. Archives of Virology, vol. 164(2), 573-578



Horse flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) of three West African countries: A faunistic update, barcoding analysis and trypanosome occurrence
Votypka, J.; Brzonova, J.; Jezek, J.; Modry, D. Acta Tropica, vol. 197


























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